Monthly Financial Update – August 1, 2018


The Monthly Financial Update gives our readers an inside look at the allocation and performance of our personal portfolio. At the beginning of each month, we share a snapshot of our investments and highlight their performance over the previous month. In addition, we compute our progress towards achieving our retirement number.

Great Numbers This Month

I must say, we had a truly stellar month. Our portfolio bounced back from the mediocre gains we saw last month and outperformed our expectations. The market has almost returned to the all-time highs we saw earlier this year and our portfolio certainly reflects that fact. With all this extra cash, maybe we can afford to go grab some celebratory pancakes. 🙂

4.41% month over month growth
37.9% of retirement number saved

Check out our performance in the table below.

The Numbers

AccountsPortfolio AllocationChange In Value (July-August)
Total =100%
Liquid Funds1.37%-3.35%
High-Yield Savings7.19%1.80%
P2P Lending0.27%0.66%
Taxable Stock Investments34.26%4.60%

Portfolio Allocation = Current asset distribution of our portfolio
Investment Performance = Change in account value due to asset appreciation/depreciation, deposits, and withdrawals

Growth Toward Retirement

Tools To Get You Started

Get a head start on your journey toward achieving financial independence by analyzing and tracking your income, expenses, investment performance, and overall net worth with the free online wealth management tool Personal Capital.

We use Personal Capital regularly to analyze our investment fees, track our investments, and project our net worth. We also periodically review our progress toward retirement with their retirement planning calculator.

If you’d rather do things on your own, become a subscriber today and you’ll receive our Free Financial Planning Dashboard. This tool allows you to enter your income and expenses to create a detailed budget. You can use it to track your spending habits over time or just to get an idea of where your money is going each month.  Take a look at the automatically generated charts and you may discover you have a little more cash to invest than you thought.

If you’re interested in detailed instructions on how to budget, save, pay off debt, and invest, check out The 6 Phases of Building Wealth. This book provides step-by-step instructions for working through each “Phase” in the process of achieving Financial Freedom. If you're just starting out, the information in this book will provide you with an invaluable resource. You can pick up the digital version for only $2.99 on Amazon.

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Financially Free

Congratulations on July, 4.41% growth in a single month is really impressive. Do you share your FI number? I’m new to your blog and couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you so much for sharing your story by the way. I love reading about other people pursuing financial independence, there’s always something to learn from their experience. I started my journey towards financial independence 3 years ago, hoping to be able to retire within 5 years. To my own surprise, I’m actually on track to pull it off. I didn’t go the traditional stocks and bonds route so maybe you can… Read more »